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Long time no post...

It is the weekend, and I am tired. Very tired.
I have been watching Buffy constantly for like the past week and a half.

I got drunk with Noam lat Sunday, and threw up like 5 times. ...I think i had like 13 shots.

...We were watching Buffy. =0)

I am going home this weekend because I turn 20 on Sunday!! We're going to Universal Studios and then Disneyland.

Let the birthday extravaganza BEGIN!!

P.s....I get to see Rachel too!!
Harry Potter,

You just rocked my fucking life! I love you, and thank you for many many years of wonderful and magical reading.


P.S. Ron Weasley, I fucking love you.
Shoulda coulda EASTWOODA!

That's right bitches. I have car insurance! With Eastwood because I'm poor and need to drive. I'm really happy about this.

I'm taking a train home on Saturday and driving back up Sunday...should be real fun. But hey I CAN drive now!


I am one happy girl.

My bank account however, from the insurance and then the train ticket, is not a happy girl.

It is a sad broke girl.


In other news I am working in the housing office on campus, and that is tremendous amounts of fun, and I saw the fifth installment of the Harry Potter movies last night. It was WONDERFUL! I loved it because it really captured the book. I bought a paperback copy at Borders for myself (because my brother has all the hard copies at home) to read once again.

I really love that book. But yes the movie was fantastic, and I shall see it again. I HAVE TO!

The seventh is coming out SO SOON! I reserved my copy yesterday! I AM SO EXCITED!


So I checked my grades online. I got a C in my Greek History class. But hey, that was very expected seeing as how I went to class like 10 times out of the quarter. I was expecting a D, but I went and looked and was very surprised. I was very surprised by my other grades as well. Three A's and one B!! I mean...that never really happens, and it was very unexpected with this quarter too.

This quarter really sucked ass. I had so much personal shit going on, and I was really over being an RA. My job at the coffee shop was a low priority on my list, and I really felt disconnected because I love that job. But I guess my schoolwork paid off! I got an A in Latin! AN A!! I am so bad at Latin, and I got an A. I don't know I'm just really happy with myself because I was really swamped this quarter (this year actually) and I didn't get to see my friends as much. It was a really demanding year, and I just feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

I can't wait to move into the apartment with the guys and just start working. There was just so much shit going on with that situation, and I just want to start living with my boys, and have a good time. So I'm going to work off my butt this summer. That's definitely another issue: money. I sure don't have a lot of that right now. I don't think I can afford anything from Ikea yet because things in the house are tight right now too. But hey I get paid in a couple of weeks so that should be good. I need to save for car insurance so I can get my car up to Santa Cruz! Lots of things to do. UGH. But I'm really excited to move up to Santa Cruz.

I am having lots of fun at home though. Hanging out with the friends. I'm going camping next week which should be really fun. I'm just happy I get to see everyone. It's nice.

Jun. 10th, 2007

Just one more week and I'm done with my second year of college! WOOOT! I have so much fucking work to do. UGH!

May. 30th, 2007

I'm online way too much.

Oye. I have two and half weeks left of school. Then summer with the boys in our apartment. I'm really excited.

Fergie did a cover of Heart's Barracuda for the Shrek 3 soundtrack. (I saw Shrek the third on saturday...way awesome!)

Anyways someone put it on youtube. It's really good. So listen. She has a really great voice. Plus Milo Ventimiglia is in her new video...YUM YUM YUM! So hot.

Anyways time for bed, then class at 8 which I will probably skip. But I have to finish my essay and translate my Latin. We're doing Catullus...I really like Catullus.


I'm posting the big girls don't cry video too so people can see the hottness.

Anyways, NIGHT again.

Update on my life...

Alright, so this is what's been going on with me lately. I was going to live in an apartment on campus with five other people next year, but we're having such an influx of new freshman next year that because I'm not guaranteed housing we have to find a place off campus. (POOP!)

So there were four of us looking and we found some places, but we found these really great apartments. We found a great house too, but the rent was way too expensive for Bill and I. So Noam, Bill, and I talked about it and thought it would be a great idea to go with the apartments we loved, but our other housemate didn't want to live there and left the group. However that's really all we could afford and so the three of us decided to go with the apartments.

Noam's parents came today to check them out and they liked them as well. So we put down a deposit and they were very nice and offered to be our guarantee on the place. SO we have a place to live next year!

They're these amazing apartment complexes. There are two rooms, and the boys would get the master suite (I know right!) and I would have my own room. We would each get our own bathroom, and there is a washer and dryer IN THE APARTMENT! Which I don't know if you know, but that's AMAZING! Also we have all new Maytag appliances and a dishwasher. Oh yea and there's a balcony too with a storage space in it for a bike.

ALSO! There is a pool and jacuzzi, a gym, a business and computer room with wireless, and it's right near the beach. We're not facing the ocean but if we walk down the stairs to get to our cars or anywhere for that matter, it's like BAM! OCEAN! It's really close to campus too. Which is great.

So the most I would be paying a month including utilities, cable, and a parking space would be $736.00. Which is really good! Because my financial aide will factor in, we get $1000 back for getting a year lease which can go to our second month or be spread out during the year, and my internship pays off all of my tuition fees except my health fee. Plus it's half the price of a single room here.

The only downside would be that I would be staying in Santa Cruz for the summer. I'm gonna get a job here and earn some money before school starts. That way i can get insurance to bring my car up here. So that sucks, but I'll come home every once in a while because I just need to. =0). But people can come up and stay at my place!

But seriously they're really amazing apartments and they're freaking brand new! The bathrooms are incredible, just everything is beautiful. I love them, and I'm really happy we're doing this. We got one of the last ones and the cheapest too. I'm really happy about this and I think it should be great.

Wow I've been up for so long, the sun is coming up!

Anyways, that's what's been going on with me!